Our Values

Our Values

No matter the ALBI dealership you’re visiting, you’ll be receiving service and guidance that are influenced by the same values: respect, transparency, and a lot of heart! These values are at the very base of the work ethic and business model of ALBI le Géant, which was inspired by the Kaizen formula, a Japanese way of thinking based on continuous improvement. All the processes, evaluation systems or work methods that make up ALBI le Géant’s strength are based on the prevention, identification and correction of problems that might arise. This philosophy is therefore based on satisfaction, but also on solutions. This way, the customer service offered at ALBI is personalized, ensuring you’ll find the best possible vehicle to match your situation, and respectful, so that all your needs are met.

All our colleagues share those values and adhere to ALBI’s philosophy. Even though they are already qualified and professional, we still take the time to offer continuous training to every employee who decides to become part of our big family. This way, we are able to stay updated on the latest trends and broaden our knowledge and skills in order to reach our most treasured goal: your complete and utter satisfaction. ALBI le Géant is a network of dealerships that’s constantly evolving, but that nevertheless retains the same focus on customer service and the fulfillment of your needs.

We are very proud of our journey and success, and we intend to continue in the same direction with a constant need to create new innovative projects. ALBI le Géant has infinite potential, which is why our expansion is important to us. We are present in many regions and continue to expand. As a thank you to the regions that welcome us with such warmth, we give our best in order to contribute to their economic development. Spreading the ALBI expertise in as many regions as possible so that more and more people can take advantage of our outstanding customer service, such is our mission.

No matter the dealership you visit, you’ll always find a team of passionate experts offering the same transparent and respectful service that sets us apart and allows us to give you complete satisfaction and exceed your expectations. Beyond selling vehicles, ALBI le Géant’s team is also there to carry out necessary maintenance and repairs that are essential to your vehicle’s proper functioning.

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The ALBI Hyundai Laval’s Difference

Acquiring new knowledge, encouraging innovation and giving the best of ourselves are things we achieve every day at ALBI! By choosing ALBI Hyundai Laval for your next car purchase, you’re choosing a human purchase experience made possible by the personalized service offered by our experts and specialists with proven expertise. Our experts and specialists also possess genuine passion for their work and give you all the time and flexibility you need to make your visit a memorable experience that you will greatly enjoy.

We treat our customers just as we’d want to be treated. All the information you wish to obtain on Hyundai models, parts and accessories or financing options will be given to you with courtesy, respect and transparency. You are guaranteed to find the vehicle and services you need. We constantly offer attractive promotions so you can get the best price possible and with ALBI Auto Credit, you have access to 2nd and even 3rd chance credit. You are guaranteed to be satisfied with the services ALBI Hyundai can offer you. It all starts with a visit at ALBI Hyundai Laval where we welcome you with warmth and a big smile!

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